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Keynote Speaker:
Uichin Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

Towards Data-Driven Digital Health and Wellbeing for Engagement Enhancement


The use of mobile, wearable, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies fosters unique opportunities for designing novel intelligent positive computing services that aim to realize human wellbeing and potential. These services can help with mental and social wellbeing (e.g., stress care and social emotional learning), physical wellbeing (e.g., diet, exercise, and sleep coaching), and work productivity (e.g., attention management). This talk overviews the concept of data-driven digital health and wellbeing from the perspective of engagement enhancement by illustrating how sensor and interaction data collected from mobile, wearable, and IoT technologies are used to detect health and wellbeing issues, enable novel context-aware interventions, and analyze digital health and wellbeing services. Through critically reflecting on the literature and services, this talk discusses several research directions on engagement enhancement, such as user and intervention modeling and management, as well as concerns and challenges, such as side effects, privacy, and ethical issues.


Dr. Uichin Lee is a Professor in the School of Computing at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), leading the Interactive Computing Lab, whose mission is to study intelligent positive computing systems that can intervene in threats to human health and digital wellbeing. He received a Ph.D. degree in computer science from UCLA in 2008. He worked for Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs as a member of the technical staff before joining KAIST in 2010. He has joint affiliations with the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, the Graduate School of Data Science at KAIST, and the KAIST Health Science Institute. In 2023, he was inducted as a member of the SIGCHI Academy, an honorary group of individuals who have made substantial contributions to the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). He served as a program committee member of the key HCI conferences and journals, such as ACM CHI, CSCW, and Ubicomp, and as an editor for PACM HCI (CSCW) and IMWUT (Ubicomp). He received the best paper awards at ACM CHI’16, AAAI ICWSM’13, IEEE CCGrid’11, and IEEE PerCom’07, and an impact award from IEEE IoT Form’19.