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ICMU2018 -- The 11th International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking -- focuses on the active area of research and development in mobile communications, applications, algorithms and systems as well as ubiquitous services and computing. The special focus of ICMU includes advancing technologies for next generation distributed and ubiquitous computing where human, networked sensors, connected devices and environment are involved. Examples of such technologies are IoT, human-centric sensing, energy-efficient mobile systems, social-networking, machine-to-machine communications, mobile cloud computing and mobile social P2P. Not only these issues but also fundamental algorithms and theory for mobile system privacy, security, reliability and robustness are also the topics of interest.


Endorsed and Organized by

  •  IPSJ SIG-MBL (Mobile Computing and Pervasive Systems)

Technically Co-Sponsored by

  • IEEE Computer Society

Supported by

  • IPSJ SIG-DPS (Distributed Processing System)
  • IPSJ SIG-UBI (Ubiquitous Computing System)
  • IPSJ SIG-CDS (Consumer Devices & Systems)
  • IPSJ SIG-ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)

Financially supported by

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