The conference will take place in Toyama.

The city, Toyama is the capital city of Toyama Prefecture, Japan, located on the coast of the Sea of Japan in the Chubu region on central Honshu, about 200 km north of the city of Nagoya and 300 km northwest of Tokyo. Historically, Toyama was the capital of Etchu Province. In the early Edo Period, a positive industrial promotion policy was implemented on the production of medicine and washi (Japanese paper). Also, thanks to the improvement of both land and sea transportation routes, these industries thrived and Toyama became known nationwide as the province of medicine.

Tourism Information in Toyama



Access to Toyama



Access to Conference Venue

Toyama International Conference Center : 
        1-2 Ote-machi, Toyama-city, Toyama, 930-0084


By walk from Toyama Station (about 15 minutes)

By tram from Toyama Station (about 5 minutes and 3 minutes' walk)


By bus from Toyama Airport (about 25 minutes and 4 mintes' walk)

  • No. 36 : Toyama-Airport → Joshi Koen Mae Bus Stop
 Time of departure
Weekday   6:50    7:15    8:00    9:15   11:00   13:05   15:10   16:10   17:15   18:15 
Weekend   6:50    8:00    8:55   10:00   11:00   13:05   15:10   16:10   17:15   18:15 


By taxi from Toyama Airport (about 20 minutes)

  • Approx. 3,000 yen


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