ICMU 2012

ICMU 2012

The Sixth International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking

May 23 - 24, 2012 in Okinawa Japan

Keynote Address

Prof. Mario Gerla (UCLA)
Vehicular Cloud Computing


Mobile Cloud Computing is an emerging paradigm where mobile devices can be both cloud users and service providers. Mobile phones are already overtaking PCs for Web access. By the end of this decade a significant fraction of web access (from fixed or mobile devices) will be directed to mobile services and resources. This is because many of our queries are about the world surrounding us, and mobile agents (people, vehicles, robots) are the best probes of the man and his environment. Moreover, the data of interest will be scattered over many mobile observers, and thus require in loco data aggregation and query resolution using software specialized for the local context. From resource efficiency standpoint, the increasing storage and processing capacity of the mobiles and the scarcity of urban spectrum make it more convenient to communicate local content among mobile devices instead of uploading it to the Internet. The benefits are reduced communication delay, reduced spectrum costs and amply expanded range of applications.

In this talk we will discuss design principles and research issues in mobile cloud computing as the fundamental infrastructure for modern mobile applications. We will discuss how these clouds form exploiting existing social ties, and what new social networks they create. What new privacy/security issues they pose. How they leverage the Internet Cloud for complex, energy consuming tasks. We will then address the Mobile vehicular cloud in particular. We will review applications ranging from safe driving, urban sensing, mobile advertising and intelligent transportation, and will report recent results in these areas.


Dr. Mario Gerla is a Professor in the Computer Science Dept at UCLA. He holds an Engineering degree from Politecnico di Milano, Italy and the Ph.D. degree from UCLA. He became IEEE Fellow in 2002. At UCLA, he was part of the team that developed the early ARPANET protocols under the guidance of Prof. Leonard Kleinrock. He joined the UCLA Faculty in 1976.

At UCLA he has designed network protocols including ad hoc wireless clustering, multicast (ODMRP and CODECast) and Internet transport (TCP Westwood). He has lead the ONR MINUTEMAN project, designing the next generation scalable airborne Internet for tactical and homeland defense scenarios. He is now leading several advanced wireless network projects under Industry and Government funding. His team is developing a Vehicular Testbed for safe navigation, content distribution, urban sensing and intelligent transport. Parallel research activities are wireless medical monitoring using smart phones and cognitive radios in urban environments.

He has served as a Technical Program Committee member of many international conferences, and is active in the organization of conferences and workshops, including MedHocNet and WONS. He serves on the IEEE TON Scientific Advisory Board. He was recently recognized with the annual MILCOM Technical Contribution Award for 2011 and the IEEE Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Society Achievement Award in 2011.